Thursday, August 13, 2009

Final Year Project Title Guidance for Electronics Engineering Students (Part 2)

Continued from previous part.

11. An IC Tester : A universal IC tester is very difficult to make but one can build a digital IC tester for one or few groups/families of digital ICs, such as standard CMOS gate ICs, ADCs, Decoder/Encoder ICs, etc. The idea is there will be a ZIF socket to hold the test IC, an input interface to select the IC family/number, and a display device to show the result. Some sort of automatic detection of the test IC family can also be implemented.

12. Home Appliances Control Through PC : You can control and monitor the various household appliances using a microcontroller interfacing with a PC. The microcontroller will communicate with the PC to receive user inputs as well as to supply the status of the appliances to PC. The software running on a PC will record all the activities and send the report through email to a remote user. The user can also set timers for individual appliances to turn ON and OFF. This project can be slightly modified so as to use as a Electric Power Management in Hotels. The customers often don't care to turn OFF the fan and lights in the room while leaving. With this system, the lights and fans in hotel rooms can be switched OFF from the main counter while there is nobody in the rooms.

13. Microcontroller Based Frequency Meter : Make a frequency meter using a microcontroller that measures the input signal frequency and display on a LCD screen.

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