Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Best PIC Microcontroller Projects on Web (Part 2)

5. A PIC16F84A based Digital Clock

This project is a clock that displays the time and date on seven segment led displays. Two buttons are used to set the time and date. The program takes care of changing the date and keeping track of leap years. It is recommend all displays are purchased at the same time otherwise a difference in brightness may occur. The downloads below contain project documentation, circuit diagram, 'C' program and Hex code. The Hex code can be used to program the PIC without a compiler. The 'C' Program contains time compensation which corrects for differences in crystals etc. This should be used as you can change the value to match your project. MORE...

6. A Simple Metal Detector

This is one of the simplest metal detector with just six components. This uses 8 pin PIC12F683 microcontroller. More...

7. Solar Recorder

Build a simple data recorder for solar energy lab. The Recorder uses a calculator solar cell as the input sensor and a Multimedia Memory Card for nonvolatile data storage. The device was built with a PIC18F458 and the 128MB Multimedia Memory Card, MMC. The solar radiation is measured by a calculator solar cell. The PIC chip interfaces the MMC using SPI mode. More...

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