Saturday, August 8, 2009

Final Year Project Title Guidance for Electronics Engineering Students (Part 1)

Today, I am going to suggest some possible electronics projects that students may choose for their final year projects. Enjoy!

1. Finger Print Based Car Ignition System : Your vehicle can be easily driven away by someone who manages to get access to the keys. The fingerprint based ignition, therefore, provides a wonderful solution to the above problem.

2. Home Appliances Control Through PC : You can control and monitor the various household appliances using a microcontroller interfacing with a PC. The microcontroller will communicate with the PC to receive user inputs as well as to supply the status of the appliances to PC. The software running on a PC will record all the activities and send the report through email to a remote user. The user can also set timers for individual appliances to turn ON and OFF. This project can be slightly modified so as to use as a Electric Power Management in Hotels. The customers often don't care to turn OFF the fan and lights in the room while leaving. With this system, the lights and fans in hotel rooms can be switched OFF from the main counter while there is nobody in the rooms.

3. Microcontroller Based Frequency Meter : Make a frequency meter using a microcontroller that measures the input signal frequency and display on a LCD screen.

4. Ultrasonic Range Finder : Transmit ultrasonic signal and measure the time interval between the transmission and returned echo signal to determine the distance travelled. Display the range on seven-segment displays or LCD screen.

5. Patient Monitoring System : Build a system that monitors the temperature and heart beat of a patient and the data collected by the sensors are transmitted wirelessly to a remote display located in a doctor's room. Switch on an alarm if there is any abnormality in body temperature or hear beat rate.

6. PC Based Running Message Display: Use your PC to input the text to a running message display. Use a microcontroller as a communicating medium between the two. You can either make your own LED Matrix Display (that requires some hard work) or these days you can buy ready made display.

7. A Microcontroller Based Thermostat: Design a thermostat using an Atmel or Microchip microcontroller that computes the current temperature every second and then send an on/off signal to a heating device which would then regulate the temperature to a desired target temperature. In addition, you can also keep a time of day clock, as well as record the maximum and minimum temperature values that have occurred. Use a LCD for display and a Keypad for user input to make your project more user friendly.

7. A Spectrum Analyzer: Spectrum analyzers are used to determine the frequency contents of an arbitrary input signal. Such a system can be developed with a microcontroller if you have enough knowledge about digital filtering techniques. You can sample the input analog signal and convert it to digital and then pass through various bandpass filters to determine the spectral information. You can find a similar project here.

8. An Autonomous Car: This one is a very popular robotic project. Use various optical sensors on a toy vehicle to make it follow a line on floor. You can find a lot of information regarding this project on internet as this is not the first time being done.

9. Two Way Laser Communication System: Laser communication is a wireless transmission of information by modulating a laser beam. Laser communications systems can be easily deployed since they are inexpensive, small, low power and do not require any radio interference studies. However, laser communication requires line of sight between transmitter and receiver. You can demonstrate by transmitting your vocal through atmosphere using laser beam, or by transmitting data through a PC to another PC.

10. Home Security System: Design a digital home security system that monitors your house when you are not present. Use temperature, smoke and motion sesnors to detect possible fire or break in attempt and inform the home owner by automatically dialing his cell number and playing a pre-recorded message regarding the type of event happened.

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