Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Best PIC Microcontroller Projects on Web (Part 1)

In this section of my blog, I have planned to compile a list of some of the best PIC microcontroller based projects that are available online. Since there are many, they will be discussed here in a series of articles. This is the beginning. I hope this will help those students and hobbyists who really want to do something on PIC interfacing but getting hard time to find a good project to start with. These projects are really some of the best electronic projects based on PIC microcontroller interfacing. Meantime I also believe that there could be some others too that might have been overlooked by me. I would appreciate for your time and effort if you would like to provide the links of any other projects that you think should be listed here.

I have selected these projects out of hundreds on the basis of their completeness, explanation detail, and uniqueness.

1. An Alarm Clock Based on PIC16F84A

If you are looking to build a simple alarm clock based on a PIC 16F84A, this is a perfect choice. This clock counts seconds, minutes, hours and day of the week. The display portion consists of 4 seven segment LED displays, and the clock can be programmed with three push buttons. For the circuit diagram, program, and other details, CLICK HERE ....

2. PIC16F628 Based Frequency Counter

This is a very cool project based on PIC16F628, and I am pretty sure you will love to do it. The frequency range of this counter is 1Hz to 50MHz, and has automatic range switching capability. This project uses very minimum number of components and can be built on a single-sided general purpose proto-board. For more details, CLICK HERE ...

3. Digital Thermometer

This is another project based on PIC16F628, and a 1 wire digital thermometer IC DS1820. It uses 16x2 LCD screen for temperature display. It has a relay switch to control any system based on surrounding temperature. For details, CLICK HERE ...

4. A VGA Test Box

The goal of this project is to develop a VGA test equipment that is capable of generating VGA signals that could be fed to a monitor to display figures and text. The good thing about doing this project is it will give you a chance to learn about how CRT monitor works, as well as the importance of timing and synchronization in displaying output on a monitor screen. This uses PIC18F452 microcontroller with a 4MHz oscillator. For detail schematics and description, CLICK HERE...

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