Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where to buy low cost PIC Programmers?

In this blog I am going to talk about some low price PIC programmers from different manufactures and the places to buy online. Their price range is less than $60.00 and some of them have really very good shipping rates.


I exactly don't know where they are located but last month I ordered a PIC programmer and it was shipped from China. They have a wide variety of PIC programmers online ranging from $17.99 to above hundred, depending upon your requirements.

(i) PRG-022 Enhanced JDM PIC programmer

The cheapest one is PRG-022 Enhanced JDM PIC programmer. It is the most popular JDM type PIC programmer that comes with a RS232 cable and a link to download necessary software. However, this product does not work on Windows Vista. It has on board ICSP Header that let user program the chip In-Circuit. The price for this product, as mentioned on their website is $17.99.

(ii) PRG-017 USB PIC programmer

This is a low cost USB based PIC programmer that can be used in Windows Vista platform too. It acquires power from the USB port itself, and works on laptop which has no RS232 serial port. This can program a wide variety of PIC devices. The complete list can be found on the website. The price for this item is $24.99 on their websites, and it comes with a link for software and a USB cable.

2. Softworld (

This is the cheapest PIC programmer I have ever seen on web
(just $8.00, can you imagine?). These guys sell this product through and they are located in Pakistan. This programmer supports a wide variety of 16F and 18F PICs. An Excellent Offer to Hobbyists and Students!

3. iCircuit (

This is another cheapest PIC programmer I have seen on web. It does not come with any ZIF socket. It is an In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) with USB interface with PC. It can be used for programming the popular Flash PIC MCU, includes PIC10F, PIC12F, PIC16F and PIC18F family, and it does not require any additional power supply. It supports both Windows XP and Windows Vista. The cost is only $15.00. If you are willing to pay $22.00 you will get both the ICSP programmer and 40 pin ZIF adaptor.


This is an online electronic store and they sell wide range of electronic components: from tiny LEDs to microcontroller development boards. I had made two deals with these guys a couple of months ago, they have really very low prices of electronic components. But I would say they are little bit slow in their shipping, but the prices are great.

(i) PIC Programmer - USB Connection

If you go to Boards -> Programmers section on their website, you will see this product. They mention the price for this product $59.00. It has two ZIF sockets so as to program 8-40 pins PIC microcontrollers. It derives power from USB port, no external supply is required. In-circuit programming is also available with a wide range of adapters (sold seperately). It comes with a Windows version programming software.

(ii) PIC18F458 Development Board

This is a PIC development board that comes with a PIC18F458 microcontroller pre-installed with all the necessary support components included. It has a large breadboard area for additional circuitry and testing. All the input/output ports are available through female header pins. The power supply is not included and need to be purchased seperately. If you have purchased a PIC programmer seperately, this item will be very useful to start developing PIC projects without much discomfort. The price for this item is $30.90 online.

5. KEE Electronics (

The physical location of this store is not mentioned on web (most possibly in China), but they have four varieties of PIC programmers, all under $50.00.

(i) ICD2.5 Debugger with PIC Programmer ($49.95)

(ii) PICkit 2 Development Programmer/Debugger ($38.00)

(iii) USB Microchip PIC Programmer ($34.00)

(iv) USB Microchip PIC Programmer (JB3 Chip Burner) ($37.00)

Please visit the website for detail specifications of these products.

6. Total Project Solution (

TPS is an Indian based company that sells a serial port PIC programmer for IRs 700.00 (equivalent to $18.00 approximately). It can program more than 150 different PIC devices from 8- to 40-pins. It does not require any external power supply and it comes with a software CD and a RS232 cable. Students and hobbysts from India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh may save shipping time and cost with this purchase if they are looking for a simple and low cost PIC programmer.

7. e-bay

Shopping on ebay has become very popular these days, as the prices are comparatively cheaper on ebay stores. You can find a large number of stores on ebay selling PIC programmers. I have listed the names of few stores where you can find PIC programmers at a good price.

(i) QLS_Microchip pic mcu/mpu tools

(ii) Stella Collectible and Electronics

(iii) I_Wanne_Buy_Shop


(v) sureelectronics3

(vi) sivava store

(vii) MDflystore


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