Monday, September 20, 2010

Gas Sensor Using PIC16F84A

Here's a gas sensor circuit based on PIC16F84A and GH-312 sensor. GH-312 is able to sense gases like smoke, liquefied gas, butane and propane, Methane, alcohol, hydrogen, etc. Once it senses any of these gases, it triggers the microcontroller, which in turn switches on a buzzer and flash a LED.


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  2. Can we use other brand/type of gas sensor here?? Like the TGS-812 (Figaro) or MQ6.. Cause we're only detecting propane, butane and lpg only. Please, kindly reply to my email.
    Thanks in advance. :)

  3. hello..sorry to bother,but i have questions for u..i'm confius about this project,,where exactly the connection of the lcd???would u kindly sent me the schematic diagram?and how to program the lcd?what code do we need to use?i want to do this project very badly..i hope u can help me and please reply this A.S.A.P

  4. You better find your answer here

  5. can somebody suggest a place to download datasheet of the gas module

  6. hello
    I'm mohammed ( student )
    very Nice for working (actually..It is simple circuit which can be used as a Fire Alarm)
    please I wanted to help me
    I want to circuit of fire alarm wireless to send and receive to (control panel(microcontroller) or to gsm module)
    reply to my email.
    very thank you

  7. Please help me interface the gas sensor with the micro-controller. Do I need an Op-Amp before the micro-controller input?

  8. where did i van get the program for this project?

  9. where can i find the full project because in the given link i can't enough material...