Monday, April 5, 2010

Learn PIC Programming in mikroC

If you are looking for online resources for learning PIC Programming in C, then you should probably check these two blogs:
This blog starts with making your own PIC16F628A Development Board, and then teaches you basics of microcontroller interfacing by doing various experiments. The language of programming is C and the compiler used is the demo version of mikroC. The board has following features:
  • Access to all I/O pins through female header pins
  • 4 Push Buttons for Input
  • 4 LEDs for Output
  • An LCD Interface Port
  • A 4-digit Seven-Segment Display Interface
  • LCD Backlight Switch and Contrast Adjustment
  • ICSP Programming (Very Important)
This is another blog that teaches you about PIC12683, a 8-pin microcontroller from Microchip. The writer again starts with making his own development board, and uses mikroC for doing experiments. The board has following features:

1. A Regulated +5V power supply.
2. 3 Red LED outputs which can be connected to any GPIO pins using jumper wires.
3. An ON/OFF power supply switch.
4. A Green LED as a power ON indicator.
5. An 8-pin IC socket for PIC12F683 microcontroller.
6. Two potentiometers: one for providing Vref, and other for simulating analog input to ADC.
7. An ICSP header connector.
8. Two tactile switches for input operation.
9. A TTL to RS232 level shifter using a transistor circuit.
10. A piezo buzzer.
11. A DC motor with driving circuit.
12. Access to individual pins of PIC12F683 through female header pins.

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